Heights Advisors is a vertically integrated equity and real estate investment, development and management firm which has served as the lead investor in more than $1 billion in real estate projects and as the direct developer of more than $700 million in real estate transactions. The company represents a unique combination of strengths, encompassing the financial liquidity and expertise of an institutional investor within a boutique firm setting.

Heights owns and operates a diverse portfolio comprised of residential, commercial and parking garages.  The company currently oversees more than 1,650,000 square feet of ground up development or residential conversions in New York and Philadelphia. The firm has also led in the financing and acquisition of several hundred million dollars of debt.

The disciplined real estate investment strategy of the firm is to ensure that an investment works regardless of the micro or macro circumstances which surround a project. Our genetic DNA is built upon a highly experienced, well-trained team of real estate professionals with a strong passion for their work.